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Can men buy EC?

Yes - women AND men of any age can now buy Plan B One-Step and its generic forms (like Take Action and Next Choice One Dose) directly on store shelves (check the family planning aisle) without having to show ID. It's a great idea to have EC on hand, before you need it. You can buy it at a pharmacy, or order it online at www.afterpill.com for $20 a box, plus $5 shipping (or $60 for 3, plus $5 shipping).


You have the right to buy progestin-only EC at a pharmacy without showing ID, regardless of your age or gender. If someone denies you EC, let us know. The American Society for Emergency Contraception has a fact sheet explaining the current regulations for purchase of EC that you can print and bring to the pharmacy: Emergency Contraception: A Guide for Pharmacies and Retailers.


*A thorough and up-to-date academic review of the medical and social science literature on emergency contraception is available; click here for the PDF .


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