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The Emergency Contraception Website - Your website for the "Morning After"

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About...

When to Use Emergency Contraception

Who uses emergency contraception?

Almost any woman can safely use emergency contraceptive pills, which give her a second chance to prevent pregnancy after sex. This option is especially important given that there is a high fraction of women who get pregnant each year when they are not trying to have a baby (what researchers like to call the “unintended pregnancy” rate). Unfortunately, very few women use emergency contraception when their contraception fails, they have sex without using regular contraception, or they are forced to have sex.

That’s because women in the United States may have heard of “morning after pills,” the common nickname for emergency contraceptive pills, but most know very little about how and when to use them. Many health care providers do not talk to women about emergency contraception during check ups or appointments to get regular contraception, and the companies that make the pills that can be used for emergency contraception have only recently started to actively promote them to the public. This website is designed to help women fill in the gaps.


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