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Looking for Emergency Contraception NOW in Canada?


There are now two brands of dedicated emergency contraceptive pills available in Candada: Plan B and NorLevo. These are available in most of Canada without prescription. In most provinces, EC is available over the counter. However, in Quebec, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, Plan B and NorLevo are sold behind the counter; in these provinces, you must ask the pharmacist for these pills. Call ahead to check availability.


If you already have a pack of regular birth control pills, you may be able to use them for emergency contraception (click here to find out more about which oral contraceptives have been proven safe and effective for preventing pregnancy after sex). However, these brands of pills are not as effective as pills containing only progestin, such as Plan B or NorLevo.



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To search for Plan B in Canada, click here.


For more information about emergency contraception, click here or check out our frequently asked questions.

Everyone in this database has told us that they are willing and qualified to provide emergency contraception (Plan B). However, we cannot vouch for the quality or costs of their services. If you have not used this directory before, you can click here for more information about it. And please let us know if you have problems with anyone in this directory or find that a listing is incorrect.

Once you find a provider, you may want to read our tips for callers before you try to contact them.


If you are a health care provider or pharmacist with authority to dispense Plan B, and you would like to be added to this directory as a provider of Plan B, please click here.


For providers, educators, and activists, we also offer a flexible way of searching for Educational and Promotional Materials related to Emergency Contraception. Click here to search our materials database.




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