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Types of Emergency Contraception

Which daily birth control pills can be used for emergency contraception worldwide?

Wondering which emergency contraceptive pills (“morning after pills” or “day after pills” are available in a specific country? Select that country below to get a list of regular birth control pills (also called oral contraceptives) that contain the hormones researchers have found are safe and effective at preventing pregnancy in the few days after sex. Looking for more information about which types of pills have been studied for emergency use? Click here.

If you know the brand name of an emergency contraceptive pill and want to know where it is available, try using our search feature.

Select a country from the list below to see a list of available emergency contraceptives.


Our country-by-country information comes primarily from the 2002 Directory of Hormonal Contraceptives, published by International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). We have supplemented their list with reports from the field and welcome additions and/or corrections. Please send comments to: askjames@princeton.edu.


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