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The Emergency Contraception Website - Your website for the "Morning After"

Educational and Promotional Materials


Below is a list of links to materials about emergency contraception from trusted organizations. If your organizations has EC-related materials that you would like for us to include, please let us know.




General Fact Sheets

Emergency Contraception (American Academy of Pediatrics)

The Facts about Emergency Contraception (Association of Reproductive Health Professionals)

Your Post-Sex Guide to NOT Getting Pregnant (Association of Reproductive Health Professionals)

Emergency Contraception (Bedsider.org)

Whoops! Birth control you can use after sex (Bedsider.org)

5 myths about the emergency contraceptive pill, busted (Bedsider.org)

Get the Facts About EC (NARAL Pro-Choice America)

Back Up Your Birth Control Campaign (National Institute for Reproductive Health)

Emergency Contraception (Reproductive Health Access Project)

Emergency Contraceptive Pills (Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition)

The Facts on EC (Reproductive Health Technologies Project)


At-a-Glance Charts

Emergency Contraception Pills (Reproductive Health Access Project)

FDA-approved EC Products Currently on the US Market (Reproductive Health Technologies Project)


Policy Briefs

State Policies in Brief: EC (Guttmacher Institute)

EC: Catholics in Favor, Bishops Opposed (ICEC & Catholics for Choice)

Emergency Contraception: Women's Health Policy Facts (Kaiser Family Foundation)

EC: An Underutilized Contraceptive Option (NARAL Pro-Choice America)

Map: States That Have Laws Improving Access to EC (NARAL Pro-Choice America)




Copper IUD as EC

The emergency contraceptive that keeps going...and going... (Bedsider.org)

The Intrauterine Device (IUD) for Emergency Contraception (International Consortium for Emergency Contraception)


Ulipristal Acetate ECPs (ella)

Introducing ella: A new emergency contraceptive available in the U.S. (Bedsider.org)

New Product Review: Ulipristal Acetate (ellaOne) (Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, UK)

Myths and Facts about ella (NARAL Pro-Choice America)

Levonorgestrel ECPs

One-dose emergency contraception goes generic (Bedsider.org)

Safety of Levonorgestrel-alone ECPs (World Health Organization)


Yuzpe (Oral contraceptives as EC)

The Yuzpe method: effective emergency contraception dating back to the 70s (Bedsider.org)




Mechanism of Action

VIDEO: The Science of "Plan B" - Emergency Contraception (Asap SCIENCE)

Mechanism of Action: How do Levonorgestrel-only ECPs Prevent Pregnancy? (International Consortium for Emergency Contraception)


The Difference between EC and Abortion

The Difference Between Medical Abortion and EC Pills (Association of Reproductive Health Professionals)

The Difference Between EC and the Early Abortion Option (NARAL Pro-Choice America)

Emergency Contraception and Medication Abortion: What's the Difference? (Reproductive Health Access Project)


Contraceptive Coverage (under the Affordable Care Act)

How to Find Out if Your Health Plan is Covering Women's Preventive Services with No Co-Pay (National Women's Law Center)


Pharmacy Refusals

Protecting Women's Rights at the Pharmacy Counter (MergerWatch)

Pharmacy Refusals: State Laws, Regulations and Women's Rights (National Women's Law Center)


EC and Gender-Based Violence

Key Facts about EC for Emergency Department Staff that Provide Care to Sexual Assault and Rape Survivors (Massachusetts Department of Public Health)

EC After Sexual Assault: Five Key Facts for Survivors (Massachusetts Department of Public Health)

Preventing Pregnancy from Sexual Assault (National Sexual Violence Resource Center)


EC in Crisis Settings

Emergency Contraception for Crisis Settings: Key Resources (International Consortium for Emergency Contraception)




Patient Pamphlets

Emergency Contraception (ETR Associates)

Emergency Contraception (Planned Parenthood Federation of America)

Fact Sheet: Emergency Contraception (Reproductive Health Access Project)


Provider Training and Materials

Update on Emergency Contraception (Association of Reproductive Health Professionals)

Emergency Contraception: Update for Pharmacists (Association of Reproductive Health Professionals)

EC Webinars (Association of Reproductive Health Professionals)

Emergency Contraception Continuing Education Self-Study Quiz for CHES, MCHES, and CFLE contact hours (ETR Associates)

Clinical Guidance: Emergency Contraception (Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, UK)

Clinical Summary: Emergency Contraceptive Pills (International Consortium for Emergency Contraception)


Service Delivery Materials and Guidelines

Emergency Contraceptive Pills: Medical and Service Delivery Guidelines (International Consortium for Emergency Contraception)

Mainstreaming Emergency Contraception in Developing Countries (Population Council)

Mainstreaming Emergency Contraception in Developing Countries: Policy Brief (Population Council)



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